Benedicte Maurseth was born in 1983, in the beautiful Hardanger Fjord region in Western Norway. Today her home is in the city of Bergen where she works as a free-lance musician. She began study of the Hardanger Fiddle at age eight under Knut Hamre. Benedicte is an alumna of the prestigious Ole Bull Academy for Norwegian Folk Music. In recent years, Maurseth has expanded her work to include Norwegian traditional folk singing (kveding).

Along with her primary projects as a soloist, Maurseth has collaborated across genres with other period musicians, in addition to authors and actors such as: Jon Fosse, Svein Tindberg, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Knut Hamre. Nils Økland, Berit Opheim and Gabriel Flifet. Maurseth has toured extensively both in Norway and abroad.

Maurseth is passionate about using Baroque period instruments, including an authentic 18th century Hardanger Fiddle. She uses natural gut strings and period bows and has begun to utilize the viola d'amore.

Her latest recording; Overtones, is a collaboration with vocalist Åsne Valland Nordli. Overtones has been released by ECM Records. Also this year, Maurseth has published a biographical account of her long time instructor, Knut Hamre; "Å vera ingenting. Samtalar med spelemannen Knut Hamre"

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Photo: Ingvil Skeie Ljones